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How much does it cost to attend River’s Edge?

For our most up-to-date tuition rates and fees, visit our Policies, Tuition and Fees folder.

How do I apply?

We recommend learning all about River's Edge by attending a Prospective Parent Information Meeting and scheduling a tour! Once you're ready to apply, head to our Admissions Pages, and click Apply Now!

Should I still apply if there's a waitlist?

Yes! We offer the majority of our waitlisted students a spot at some point before school starts. We still think it's usually worth it to apply if there are several on the waitlist. We will let you know if we no longer recommend applying. However, waitlisted students do receive priority registration the following year! You can read more about our waitlist process including applying, refunds, and priority registration here.

What are the hours of drop off and pick up?

Drop off begins at 8:00 at all three campuses.

Pick up at the elementary campuses is from 1:30-1:45.

Pick up at the middle and high school is from 1:10-1:25; 2:15-2:25; and 3:20-3:30, depending on your student's dismissal time, which is based on the number of classes taken.

What are the extracurricular activities that are available to my child?

We have several educational and fun extracurricular activities for most grades! Please see our STUDENT LIFE page for more details.

Where are you located?

We have three locations around Knoxville.  We have two Elementary Campuses and one centralized Middle and High School Campus that also includes K4-5th grades.

What classes are offered in the middle school and high school?

Our current class schedule is posted online and can be found here.

Can my middle or high school student shadow another student at the school?

Yes, middle and high school students can shadow our students. Families can contact our Admissions Coordinator at 865-201-1192 or at to set up a tour or shadow day.

What curriculum do you use?

River’s Edge does require parents to purchase all the curriculum that is needed for their students. Our curriculum committee is composed of administrators, parents, and teachers, and they work hard every year to review and access the best curriculum that fits the needs of our school.  You can read more about our curriculum and see the current curriculum for K4-12th grade on our “What We Teach” page.

Is there a dress code or uniform that my child will be required to wear?

River’s Edge does not have a specific uniform. Our elementary students do follow a dress code, and our middle and high school students follow a more formal, uniform-style dress code. These can be found in section 10 of our General Policy Manual.

What academic advising support do you supply to high school students?

We have a full-time Academic Advisor available to all of our high school families. If you need to reach our Academic Advisor at any time, please email

What responsibilites do parents have at River's Edge?

Our parents participate in Rotation and Committee duties throughout the school year. We appreciate our parents' support of the school by serving in various roles to help keep our tuition costs low!

Rotation: Once a month, one parent from each family will serve at their child's campus. This can be helping in the office, with PE, or with our nursery.

Committee: We have nearly 30 committees on which our parents serve. Typically, a committee helps plan, facilitate, or put on an event. You may meet a few times a year at planning meetings and the actual event. 

Opt out: Even though we know our parents enjoy helping our school and getting to know RECA, the staff, and other parents while participating in rotation and committee, we also know that these duties are not feasible for every family. We do offer an opt out fee if you are unable to participate. These fees help secure other parents who can work in your place. For each family, the Rotation fee is $500 per year and the Committee fee is $350 per year. 

Who took the photos on your website?

Sarah Lewis with Behind the Stones Photography and Britt Cole with Britt Cole Photos are the two primary photographers for our marketing and media projects. Not only are they talented photographers, they are also River's Edge moms! They bless the school with their talent by serving as photographers for their committee duty. We also have a photography committee that participates in capturing the school life at River's Edge, and though some of the photos used on the site are not Sarah's or Britt's, we love portraying theirs as much as possible! You can follow them on Instagram @sarahlewis_bts and @brittcolephotos.

Still have questions?

We would love to help answer any questions you have. Please contact Faith Pinkerton at 865-201-1192 or at for more assistance.


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