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Curriculum and Supplies

River's Edge does not require an annual book fee in order to provide curriculum to your student. Therefore, parents are responsible for purchasing textbooks, workbooks, and any supplies needed in the classroom. Parents are welcome to obtain used textbooks as long as they are the correct edition. Please order your curriculum in ample time for arrival before the beginning of school.


Uniform-style clothing is also required for students in grades 6-12, but specific brands are not required, allowing families to obtain clothing from their preferred retailer. In addition, RECA hosts a used curriculum & uniform sale each May for parents to buy/sell their used items. Please use the links below to obtain a list of required items.

Elementary and Middle School Curriculum and Supply Lists

High School Curriculum and Supply Lists

General Policy Manual (Dress Code - Section 10)

Other Costs

Other costs that you may encounter will be smaller, optional fees. RECA gear, such as t-shirts and hoodies, will be sold thoughout the year. Field trips may have costs associated with them (elementary students are required to purchase/wear a RECA field trip t-shirt). Occasionally, classroom parties or special lunches may have small participations costs. Elementary enrichment classes are facilitated by the school, but each class has its own fee that is due when enrolling in that class. Costs for enrichment classes are paid to the instructor/company that is providing the class.

If you are in need of financial assistance towards your tuition, please read more on our TUITION ASSISTANCE page. 


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