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A B O U T  O U R  W A I T L I S T

Thank you for considering River's Edge! We know it can be stressful not knowing if you'll have a spot, but we would like to explain the process and what it means to be on our waitlist. 

You will need to apply and pay all fees in order to be placed on the waitlist. You will also need to complete the application process, including admission testing and a family interview.  As soon as a spot opens, we will move you from the waitlist to the roster and notify you.

The $125 application fee is always non-refundable. The registration fee is refundable if we cannot offer a spot once school starts or if we deny enrollment. We do not refund registration fees if you change your mind and choose to withdraw from the enrollment process or from the waitlist. All refunds may be requested in August but must be by August 31. 

If you choose to forgo the refund and remain on the waitlist for the possibility of transferring mid-year, you will be notified as soon as a spot becomes available. (High school transfers MUST be within the first 3 weeks of the semester). If we cannot offer a spot before the following year's registration begins, all waitlisted students will receive priority enrollment for the following school year. This means you will be able to register with our current families, before it opens to the public. This will prevent a family from being waitlisted two years in a row. Please know that fees do not roll over, and new registration fees must be paid for the following year's priority registration.


If you have any questions, please email  

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